Games for
Instagram Stories

Games for
Instagram Stories

As part of a larger social media campaign for Motul, I was commissioned to produce two mobile-style games to be launched on Instagram's story platform.

Client: Motul

Agency: Social Chain

Design & Animation: Matt Volp

Build Your Own Pedal Car

This game made use of Instagram's native polling system. The aim of the game was to build a pedal car from the different car parts available based on the opinions of Motul's Instagram followers.

After tapping on the screen to begin, the user was presented with a choice of two specific car parts, in the first instance; two different types of tyres. The poll ran for a reasonable amount of time in order to collect enough data from Motul's followers. Once the poll closed and the result was decided, the respective 'result' animation was uploaded, followed by the next poll; the steering wheel. This continued until all parts had been chosen and the final car was revealed.

Pedal Car Race

As Instagram doesn't natively support games, I had to use a series of consecutive animations to create the illusion that the user was playing a game, complete with consequences for failure and rewards for winning.

If, when prompted, the user taps on the screen in order to avoid the obstacles or to change lanes, then they will progress to the next Instagram story. If they fail to tap in time, the current Instagram story ends, either with the car crashing or breaking down. The game then picks up again automatically and the user continues.